Academy of Guitar Policies & FAQ’s

In order to ensure that no one is caught by any policy surprises, I prefer to be open and up front regarding all policies concerning Academy of Guitar before you begin your lessons.

For this reason I have listed all policies and frequently asked questions below for your convenience.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Stanley Williams before committing to music lessons.

Please note that acceptance of music instruction at Academy of Guitar implies that you have read and agree to the below policies.

On occasion, it may be necessary to create additional policies or alter current policies. Please consult this page if you have any questions.

Thank you!

1. Q) How much will my lessons cost?

A) The current lesson rate is set at a fixed $125 per month for four 30 minute lessons and $200 per month for four 60 minute lessons.

2. Q) How is the pay period structured?

A) Pay periods happen every four weeks.

3. Q) When do I pay for my lessons?

A) Your lesson fee is due at the first lesson of every month. If you start your lessons mid month, your fee will be prorated. It is my policy, not to turn down students based on lack of ability to pay. If you have a financial situation that makes paying your fee difficult, please let me know and I will work you to create a solution.

4. Q) What happens if I forget my payment when it is due?

A) Payments for your lessons provide my livelihood for my family. Your payment is expected to be prompt. If you miss you payment due date, there will be an automatic $15 late fee applied. I’M SORRY BUT THIS POLICY MUST BE STRICTLY ENFORCED.

5. Q) What happens if I am gone when my lesson fee is due?

A) Please arrange to have your lesson fee to be sent to the below address before you leave. I’m afraid my financial commitments are still due, even if you are out of town. I will be here for you because you have paid me to be. PLEASE RESPECT MY NEED TO BE PAID ON TIME.

6. Q) Are there any lengthy contracts to sign?

A) There are no contracts to sign. Lessons will committed to on a month by month basis. In all cases, however, once your lesson fee has been received, NO REFUNDS WILL BE GIVEN. If you cannot make the lessons you have paid for, I am afraid that it is beyond my control and the lesson fee you have paid must be forfeited. My apologies in advance but there are no exceptions.

7. Q) Do I have to give notice when I decide to discontinue taking lessons?

A) Yes. I must have 7 days advanced written notice with signature when you decided to discontinue your lessons. This is to allow me ample time to fill your time slot by the time you take your last lesson. FAILURE TO GIVE A FULL 7 DAYS WRITTEN NOTICE WITH SIGNATURE WILL RESULT IN A PAYMENT FOR EACH LESSON MISSED UNTIL NOTICE IS GIVEN. SIMPLE ATTENTION TO THIS DETAIL CAN SAVE MUCH DISAPPOINTMENT LATER ON.

8. Q) How should I pay for my lessons?

A) Cash is the preferred method of payment. I will accept checks when necessary, however. Credit and debit cards are also accepted.

9. Q) Are there ever rate increases to lessons fees.

A) Yes, there are occasional increases to lesson fees. If this occurs, I will notify you in advance before your next lesson fee is due.

10. Q) Are there makeup lessons available when I need to miss a lesson?

A) Yes, there is a makeup program. Please click HERE for a complete makeup’s explanation. This is important to many students, PLEASE READ IT CAREFULLY before committing to lessons and let me know of any questions that you might have. Thank you!

11. Q) What happens if the instructor misses a lesson.

A) In the event that I must miss a lesson, a designated makeup day will be announced. You will be expected to attend the makeup. If I am unable to designate a makeup day then I will credit the cost of each lesson that I must cancel.

12. Q) Do I have to pay for additional materials for my lessons?

A) This depends on your course of study. You may need to pay for additional books and practice CD’s when it is not practical for me to provide them.

13. Q) How often do lessons occurs?

A) Lessons are held one time per week for either 30 minutes or 60 minutes, depending on your commitment. Lessons occur on the first four weeks of every month. When a lesson day contains five weeks, there is no lesson held on that fifth week. On occasion, a fifth week lesson may be traded for another week earlier in the month. i. e. If there is a major holiday, I may, but not necessarily, cancel that day and make it up during the fifth week. I will ensure that you know of any schedule alterations well in advance.

14. Q) Do you take all holidays off?

A) No. Due to the nature of self-employment, it becomes necessary for me to teach on every major holiday with the exception of Thanksgiving and Christmas. Those days will be made up with a fifth week.