The skill of composition is similar to songwriting but with a more expansive palette. Composition includes many styles of music and many forms within those styles.

Classical music can be composed using a Rondo, Sonata Allegro, Fugue or Bolero form. Understanding these forms are critical to the style.

Jazz uses 12 bar or 32 bar structures with many variable elements.

Blues can be composed using Texas style, Chicago style, Delta style as well as many others.

Contemporary songwriting, on the other hand, uses common forms such as AAA- A-B-A, A-A-B-A, A-B-C-A among others. Understanding how to develop an effective lyric structure is also an essential element to strong songwriting skills. There are simple processes to accomplish this. I’ll show you how.

Learning how to use the correct musical tool for the desired job is, of course, critical. I will not only teach you how to develop these techniques correctly but we will create practical recording projects to demonstrate your newly learned skills.

Let’s create a masterpiece or a runaway hit together!