FREE Blues Guitar Class Info! Read on!!

Hello fellow Blues lovers!

For me, BLUES is one of the purest forms of musical expression. It has the ability to help you purge your feelings like no other style. I’m hooked! My goal is to get you hooked too! To do that, I am offering a completely (no, really, completely) FREE group class lesson…in fact…a complete 90 minute class! Absolutely no further commitment or obligation beyond the one class. If I’ve done my job well, you’ll be asking to come back for more!

We will examine basic building blocks, such as the “Blues Scale.”We’ll learn how to play a traditional 12 Bar BLUES progression. A little history of the style helps you to understand what you’re doing, so we’ll have a history lesson as well.

All in all, it should be a great afternoon spent. Come and join me on Saturday, November 12th. SPACE IS LIMITED, SO DON’T DELAY! See you then!

Stan “the Bluesy Man” Williams

We’ll learn how to play a traditional 12 Bar BLUES progression.

To register, call or text 253-677-1705. A confirmation will be returned.