Makeup Policies – Please Read Carefully


Makeup lessons may be available for students who are currently on the student roster. Once you decide to discontinue your lessons and have paid your final lesson fee, makeup lessons will be available only until the end of the final lesson fee period. Makeup lessons will not be allowed after this time. Please be certain to schedule all makeup lessons prior to discontinuation. Makeup lessons cannot be guaranteed.

Please be aware that Makeup Lessons are a courtesy but not a requirement at Academy of Guitar. With such a large number of students on my roster, it not possible for me to promise makeup lessons. I will, however, offer a makeup lesson whenever it is possible and practical to do so. However, it is important to understand that any missed lessons are solely the responsibility of the individual missing the lesson. All lesson times must be paid for.

Months vary in their length. Some lesson days have 5 weeks and some have 4. We will hold lessons on the first 4 weeks of every month. When a 5th week occurs, lessons will not be held on that day except under certain conditions (below).

On occasion it will be necessary to me to cancel a lesson day in its entirety. When this happens, the missed lesson day will typically be made up on the 5th week of a given month, as there are normally no lessons held on that day. Individual lessons cannot be scheduled for the 5th week. This is reserved for collective makeups.  If Academy of Guitar needs to be closed during any normal business day, Academy of Guitar guarantees any missed lessons will be made up by Academy of Guitar at the earliest possible time.

By engaging in music instruction at Academy of Guitar, you are deemed to be in agreement with these policies.

Please contact me with any questions.

Thank you.