Stan is a highly competent and accomplished musician whose mentorship not only helped me gain admission, but also receive a scholarship to the world-renowned Berklee College of Music. Studying with Stan provided me with the tools to succeed both personally and professionally (in and outside of music) by helping me learn the importance of patience and the value of discipline. I owe many thanks to Stan for introducing me to the miracle of music and the life lessons that can be learned through the arts. Thanks Stan……..[Dr. Ryan. N. Phd]
“I feel that you were the single most important influence in (my son’s) life.”…….[Gail N. ]
“…you (are) A local hero!”……..[Cynthia R., MA, CPG]
“I would be nowhere today with out Stan. No where. No how.
I owe everything to him.”…….[Tim R. Graduate of the University of Hawaii Guitar Program and professional performer.]
“I have learned a great deal from you as a
musician and a mentor. My time as a student was definitely a blessing and I
love whenever I can request a guitarist searching for instruction to you.”…….[T. L. Student at the University of Arizona]
Incredible musician, composer, and teacher. He makes learning great fun. He excites kids to go deeper in their study of music. Also, he establishes a wonderful rapport with his students. My kids have a hard time waiting all week to go to their next lesson!…….[Judy D.]
My experience with Stan wasn’t a short one… I took lessons with him for about eight years. And that itself must say something. I kept coming back. He’s an amazing instructor, with astounding talent, and what’s more important, he is able to convey what he knows in a fashion that is both tangible and do-able. He is passionate about what he teaches, and it shows in the warm, encouraging atmosphere he creates. I have recommended him to numerous people, and I still would. I would still be taking lessons if I had not gone away to college. He made guitar a part of my everyday life, and I will be forever grateful. He has so much to offer. I would encourage anyone with even the slightest interest in music to take advantage of what he has to give. It’s worth you time!…….[Briana F.]
I have been taking guitar lessons from Stan for about a year now and I have loved every second of it. He’s a down to earth kind of guy with an understandable approach to teaching the guitar. Also, he is a fantastic guitar player himself. Yet, his musical talents are outweighed by his loveable personality and care for his student. If anyone is searching for a guitar teacher, I would fully recommend Stan Williams at his “Academy of Guitar”. Stan is the man!…….[Chris L.]
When I started lessons with Stan I had one and a half years prior experience on the guitar. I was very limited in my knowledge and capabilities. Stan took me from being a novice to being someone with a lot more confidence than I had before, in three months. I learned everything from rhythm playing to lead playing, music theory, production techniques, and I even recorded a song I had written. One of my goals when I started lessons was to learn lead guitar well. I was not in the least disappointed. If there was ever someone who could teach lead as well as Stan I have yet to hear of them, simply put, Stan was born to teach……..[Neil D.]
“Stan Williams loves music and his teaching technique is rooted in a genuine desire to help you find the musician inside you. I have been involved in music performance for over 40 years and never have I met a teacher who cares as much for the integrity and nuance of music as does Stan.”…….[Brian W.]
I have played guitar badly since first falling in love with the Beatles in the early 60’s. Call me Queen of the Three-Chord Little Ditty. Eight months ago I was lucky enough to begin lessons with Stan Williams. Since that time my skills have grown dramatically. I’m exploring classical guitar, improvisation, the fascinating world of music theory, and even performed on the bandstand at my son’s wedding this summer. On lesson day, I walk in the door and am greeted with, “Ask me questions!” And within 60 seconds Stan has entered my Zone of Proximal Development, grabs a hold and brings me ten steps further than I could have ever gone without his guidance. As a 50-year-old first grade teacher, I’ll probably never be Eric Clapton. But you should see my students smile when I play “Tears In Heaven.” Thanks Stan!…….[Wendy O.]
We are extremely happy with the guitar lessons given to our son. Our child sometimes suffers from an “I can’t do it” or “I don’t get it” attitude, but with Stan’s positive teaching approach and encouragement, he has made excellent progress. We would highly recommend Stan Williams to anyone seeking guitar lessons!…….[Karen T.]
I have always loved music and especially the guitar. One day while driving to work I had an epiphany, why couldn’t I learn to play? I defaulted to my most consistent answer to that question, no talent and no time. Then I thought I have to try. I called several local music shops and spoke to many local musicians and Stan Williams’ name was the only common denominator. I called Stan and told him my plans. I also revealed that, while I love music, I am the most musically untalented individual on earth. By the time the ten minute phone conversation was over, I could not wait to start my Wednesday night lessons the following week. I bought my Taylor “Big Baby” the next day and I am coming up on my one year anniversary. I have already achieved far more than I thought I could in such a short period of time. Stan’s low pressure motivation is as smooth as his playing. He is a patient instructor and, I believe, he has the talent, experience and education to provide instruction to the full scale of musicians. Several weeks ago, my seven year old just started his instruction with Stan……..[Tim E.]